Blessing Way Bodywork
Craniosacral Therapy for
Mother and Child

Angel Phillips, CST 
*main number for Angel/voicemail only - please call your practitioner directly at their numbers provided below if you are running late or need to speak with them personally.

Stephanie Ortmeier, CST, CLEC  
CST Associate
651-235-3288 / www.yourhappybirth.com

Andrea Lindo, CST 
CST Associate
Mary Gazca, MA 
Developmental Movement Associate

** Due to current practice volume, Angel is only accepting new client requests for clients age 0 - 2 years, and only at the Lindstrom location.  If you have been referred to Angel and are seeking care as a new client, please understand that you will be contacted by us to discuss treatment options with one of the above associates.   Until further notice, all new client services in Minneapolis will be provided by Stephanie or Andrea who are available to treat all ages and have specialized training in maternal and pediatric care.  Please know that these practitioners have my full endorsement as exceptional CST practitioners.  I will, of course, always be working in collaboration with them and am available for consultation in specific situations.   I am confident that my associates will provide you with excellent service and are as close to my style of care as I can possibly imagine. 

Thank you for your interest in our practice!