Current location!


Home/office address:

25310 Olinda Trail

Lindstrom, MN 55045


New phone number:



Click here for a map!


When you arrive you will see a single white mail-box at the road with the street number 25310 on it. The house is set back a ways off the road and not immediately visible until you look.  Follow the driveway to the house.  It will park you in front of the garage, where you will see marked parking. Walk around the house to your Right to the front door entrance (facing the road).

Warning!! - If you navigate by GPS and come from the South, your system will announce "you've arrived!" when you get to the property corner, which is my neighbors driveway.  Make sure to look for the single white mail-box to hit the correct driveway!  =)

I look forward to seeing you!




And while you're in the area...check out these local attractions!!  U-Pick strawberries, apples and more!  Just down the block and around the corner from my home office.  Pick up your fall harvest decorations when you're in the area.  =) Wildlife Educational Park just across the river!  Glacial Pot holes!  What?!?  Art you can climb on??? Time it for 3:00 milking and you can pet the goats.  Call ahead and you can pick up a gallon of raw goat milk for less than it costs for a 1/2 gallon at the stores, pasturized!  Paddle the beautiful St. Croix river between Interstate Park and Osceola.  My sister and nieces joined me recently and it was glorious!  Great local food plus a gorgeous location, just 7 minutes from my office!!  Don't forget to check out the waterfall and trail to the St. Croix River!