If you have a personal story about the care you received from me, please feel free to write it down and email it.  If you would like me to, I'll include it here for others to read. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all those who share their stories here so that others may have an idea of what it is that I do in this practice that I love! 


From Justin K. - 
Thank you, Angel, once again for your care. We feel deeply held by you and this allows us to navigate the challenges of parenthood with more ease and courage. 
With deep appreciation,
Thank you, Lisa T., for bringing me into the technological age and posting this on Yelp!
With 5 stars       

I started seeing Angel for Cranial Sacral Therapy at the end of my pregnancy 4 years ago.  Since then, she has treated me and my two children on a regular basis.  Angel has a gilft, is highly intuitive, and a wonderful healer.  She specialises in pregnant women and children and currently only accepts new patients who are pregnant, I believe. She can always tell what has been going on with my children and me when we see her, whether it be from a fall, sleep disturbances, or emotional upset.  She can figure it all out without us telling her a thing.  We always feel better after seeing Angel, and my children sleep better and are noticeably more at ease.  CST with Angel was most helpful when my daughter was a newborn and had difficulty with latching onto the breast and other various newborn issues.  She also helped me heal from mastitis and has helped my children with digestive issues and ear drainage.  Angel is a gift in our life, and I recommend her to every mom I know.

From Emilie H.

It was December 23, 2009.  I was reading an article my mom had saved from the La Leche League that talked about another mother’s experience with her child and torticollis.  In the article it mentioned that she had taken her son to a craniosacral therapist.  I immediately started calling different therapists and eventually connected with our “Angel.”  We questioned whether Greta had torticollis.  Many things correlated: not being able to latch while breast feeding, folded ear at birth (a.ka. bat ear), flat forehead, cries of pain, being “stuck,” the inability to do “tummy time.” When we brought this to our pediatrician’s and chiropractor’s attention we were told that it wasn’t torticollis because it can’t come and go and switch sides, as was happening with Greta.  However, within minutes of talking with Angel we were assured that there was a form of torticollis that did, in fact, switch sides.  I remember Angel saying, “It sounds like Greta really needs help.”  I replied, “We all need your help.”  We had endured 20 weeks of nonstop crying, referrals to neurologists and special education services, and multiple ENT visits for failed hearing tests and restrictive or tight frenulum.  We had so many unanswered questions.  What was wrong with Greta?  Was that pediatrician right, the one we saw for 5 minutes when we were being discharged from the hospital, did Greta have a chromosome defect?  Could she hear?  Will she qualify for special services?  Was it torticollis?
Since our first visit to Angel on January 6, 2010 we have answered almost all of our questions.  Greta was the perfect storm.  I honestly don’t believe (anymore) that Greta has a chromosome defect.  Although we never had her tested she is now meeting many milestones.  Greta is hard of hearing and is now receiving special services for both hearing and gross motor skills.  It is/was torticollis.  Within 24 hours of visiting Angel, Greta was a new baby and has progressed at warp speed.  She isn’t crying 5-10 hours a day.  She is happy and mellow.  She is able to be on her tummy for 30 minute stretches.  She can even lift her head to a 90 degree angle for almost a minute at a time.  Greta’s hands now open to grab her toys, touch faces and play with our hands.  Believe it or not, her hearing has improved and she is startling from the dog barking and even waking up from our other daughter’s screams.  Although she will have to wear hearing aids for now, with the help of Angel, she may not have to have surgery to correct her hearing because it’s possible her canals may open on their own due to CST.

From Amy H.

When my baby girl was 3 months old, she showed signs of reflux: It was impossible to burp her, she could never lie down on her back without screaming, and she spent most of each day arching her back and grunting in frustration. I was devastated -- and exhausted -- as we were up all night, every night, for months. I took her to our pediatrician, who gave her a prescription for Zantac. I didn't want to go down this road, but I didn't know what else to do.
At the same time, my son entered the "terrible" 2s stage. Each day was filled with multiple meltdowns or tantrums. He also had a speech delay -- about a year behind what is considered "normal." His inability to tell us what he wanted made this stage even more frustrating for him, and it only contributed to more meltdowns. On top of that, he was a horrible sleeper. He thrashed around often and woke up crying several times each night. To say we were all exhausted is an understatement.
I finally broke down sobbing during a session at our Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) class and shared with other parents what we were experiencing. Two moms in the group insisted craniosacral therapy would work. They noticed immediate improvements in their own "colicky" kids.
Angel Phillips came highly recommended to me from a member of the medical community. From the first moment we met Angel, I instantly felt at ease. She is extremely intuitive, intelligent, educative, affable, and helpful. Both kids reacted very comfortably to her and in her home office, which is professional, warm, quiet, and tranquil.
After the first session, the changes in my daughter were dramatic. She stopped grunting, I could lay her down to sleep, and she actually slept for hours at a time. In 5 sessions (over 5 weeks), her reflux was gone, and her entire disposition went from tense and frustrated to relaxed and content. We do the home exercises and stretches that Angel recommended, and we continue to see Angel as my daughter grows. The results have been amazing -- my daughter is now a happy baby!
The changes in my son since seeing Angel have been beyond phenomenal. I noticed very specific and remarkable changes in him after each session: His speech and language skills have had HUGE spurts. He is much more calm and centered, which is saying a lot. We're also seeing his outgoing personality for the first time. And -- yea! -- we're all getting more sleep!
Because moms are so in-tune with their kids' energy, I began seeing Angel, too. Craniosacral therapy is the most relaxing, gentle massage I've ever received -- and the most effective. Not only does Angel work on my head, but she also concentrates on healing the connective tissues throughout the body. It's a lot of energy work combined with gentle massage. I'm more calm, more patient, and more centered. I've never felt better.
Angel also does an excellent job at explaining how cranial sacral therapy works -- and I always have a lot of questions. I would have never believed it had I not seen the results first-hand in my own kids, as well as within myself. I seriously don't know what we would have done without her! I highly, highly recommend Angel Phillips.

From Kari O.

I am having a hard time finding the words to express to anyone reading this just how much Angels care means to us and our daughter. Our experience with Angel has been incredible. The care she gives to our daughter is an amazing blessing. Our little premature baby was showing signs of discomfort from the LONG, HARD labor we had. We didn't know what to do for her. I was very nervous about taking our little 4 pound baby to somone I didn't know, but the warm welcome we recieved from Angel put my mind at ease. She was aware of my need to understand what was going on so she explained everything to me as she went along in her care for my daughter. After one visit with Angel, we knew we had found our daughter the help she needed. Angels compassion for our tiny baby touched our hearts. Over the next few months, we watched our daughter overcome one struggle after another with Angels help. And I have been able to witness the relationship build between Angel and our daughter. With Angels knowledge and advice, we are able to better understand what is going on with our daughter and what she needs.  We are so grateful to be included in the children and families that Angel cares for.

From Margaret A.

My children and I have been clients of Angel’s for four years now.  I can’t say enough about our experience with Angel and her gift for healing.  We first began seeing Angel because my son was experiencing difficulties with Sensory Integration.  He had many difficulties with everyday functioning due to the incoming stimuli of the environment and also experienced sensitivities to many foods.  The inner difficulties he experienced with his nervous system resulted in some very challenging behavior.  My daughter struggled as well, however her coping style was to hold it all in and her symptoms appeared as anxiety, perfectionism, worry and fear.  As a mother of two struggling children I of course was experiencing a deep anxiety due to my feelings of helplessness as my consults with the medical industry brought little relief or hope.  Then through the power of prayer I was lead to Angel.  We started with my son, as his overt symptoms were very difficult to live with.  After one session with Angel I saw incredible results with my son.  He was far less agitated and able to cope better with all of the incoming stimuli that affected his sensory/nervous system.  His behavior started to greatly improve.  What a gift to our family!  I of course started my daughter with Angel as well and had a similar positive experience. I now have two calmer children who are able to control their emotions much better.  They now sleep better and even eat better! 


After seeing such wonderful results with the children, I decided to give it a try myself because I was still experiencing some anxiety.  After one session with Angel my anxiety decreased and I personally started a very powerful journey of healing.  The healing I have experienced (and my children have experienced) have changed our lives dramatically.  I have experienced first hand the energetic connection between mother and child and am a strong believer in how the healing of the mother brings healing to the children.  As I continue to grow and heal, my children are getting better and better.  I am deeply grateful to Angel for all of her love, support and her beautiful gift that she shares with so many.  Because of Angel, I have been inspired to move into alternative medicine myself.  I feel so blessed to have experienced her gift that I felt compelled to share what I received from her with others as a gift back.  Thank you Angel for bringing me to a wonderful and blessed path!   I hope to help as many mothers and children as you have and hope to touch other people’s lives as deeply as you have touched ours! 

With deepest gratitude, Margaret Altermatt

From Andrea G.

I brought my daughter in to Angel not really knowing what to expect but hoping and believing for the best! She came highly referred to me from a family member. My 2 month old would go through 3-5 hours of unconsolable screaming every night. I had felt like I had tried everything. When I came to see Angel I was exhausted, concerned about my little girl and knowing I would do anything in the world to give her some peace....and that is what Angel did.

We, my daughter and I, immediately felt peace when we met her. When she worked on my daughter the first few times, she always would give me tips that I could use at home (and continues to do so). Every time we come back to Angel for a session the first words out of her mouth are, " how is Sydney?".  I knew she truly cared about my little girl and she wanted her to be better. I have never seen such powerful results as I have with working with Angel. My daughter is now calm, happy, and doing great. Of course, she still has her moments! But, overall she is 100% better. I cannot thank Angel enough for her work. It has changed my entire families life and we look forward to seeing her at each and every one of our sessions. She is a true Angel in my book!

From Amanda K. 

I knew my two month old daughter had a serious problem when she couldn’t sleep for more than 10-15 minutes at a time and something was just not right about the shape of her head. I mentioned this problem to my pediatrician when I took her in for a well visit. She said my baby would just grow out of the problems with the shape of her head and some babies just aren’t good sleepers. I also mentioned these problems to my chiropractor and she looked at my daughter and noticed she had one eye that appeared smaller than the other. The shape of her head was also flat on top and not as round as it should be in the back. She recommended I call Angel Phillips for a consultation. I had never heard of Craniosacral Therapy before but I wanted to help my daughter get her body functioning properly so I gave it a try. When we came in to her office I was immediately thrilled with a warm welcome and such a relaxed environment. It was such a change from a cold uncomfortable doctor’s office. This made my children feel happy and relaxed also, so it was so much easier to evaluate and treat them.

About 15 minutes into the session I had to hold back tears as I saw my daughters head beginning to look round and symmetrical. I had never seen her look so beautiful and I realized just how serious the problem was when I saw how much better she had become. Angel explained my baby was born so fast that it affected the way the bones in her head came together. She showed me on my hand the amount of gentle pressure used to manipulate my baby’s bones. My baby didn’t mind at all and she was completely comfortable. She was able to sleep better and nurse with ease. My baby is now 10 months old and we have continued regular visits with Angel. Her eyes and head shape are now perfect.

My baby has also had some development stages that were out of order such as standing before crawling up on all fours. Angel gave us some exercises to do and one day later she could crawl and get into a sit position. Her brain just needed some help connecting things with her body.

My 3 year old son has also been treated by Angel for some developmental issues. He was behind on his speech for his age and he didn’t do very much cooing or jabbering when he was an infant. After seeing Angel, she pointed out some of the cranial bones that were out of alignment in the location where speech is located in the brain. Within one week he was gaining vocabulary and building sentences. He has continued to improve so much over the past 6 months. My relatives and friends just can’t believe the changes in his speech. I took him in for his pre-school development screening just before he started treatment with Angel and they said they were concerned because his speech development was behind where it should be for his age. They wanted to see him again five months later to re-assess and they said he is now right where he should be for his age. I bring my children to Angel when they are sick or have a big fall or injury. My son asks to go see Angel because, even at 3 years old, he knows she will help him get better. Usually on the way home or by that evening my son says he feels better. It seems like magic and too good to be true but it really is just allowing their bodies to function properly and do what they are supposed to do. Angel helps their bodies do that. It makes all the difference in the world.

I have had several chiropractors ask me who I go to when I mention craniosacral therapy and when I say her name I always get the same response, “She is the best in the twin cities”. She is highly respected. I drive over an hour to bring my children to her and it is worth every mile. God blessed Angel with an amazing gift for healing and we are so thankful to have found her. All the developing our children are doing now will affect them through adolescence all the way into adulthood.

Please contact Angel Phillips if you would like to email or call me. I would be happy to share my experience further.